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Welcome to A Better Wrench Automotive Service Center

We are privileged to have you visit our website.   With over 25 years in the business, we strive to make your ownership experience as easy and painless as possible.  No one likes dealing with car maintenance or repair, but it is a necessary evil.  Our focus is to minimize your inconvenience. BMW

Mercedes-BenzWe know Mercedes-Benz and BMW and know how to maintain them. We know which products will work best and know the best people in the industry to fulfill all your automotive needs i.e. glass replacement, paint or body work, upholstery, stereo equipment, etc.  

"Our goal is to treat every car we see as if we own it"

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We know what works; what doesn’t; what are immediate issues versus ones that can be monitored and addressed in the future; safety concerns or cosmetic issues.   All the things that you need to know and how they will affect your car’s operation and your budget.  We understand because we spend our money just like you: very carefully.

Waiting room

We hope that the information on our website is helpful to you, and don’t hesitate to call if we can be of any service.  We hope that we can have the opportunity to help you with your car needs in the future.

Thank you,

Max Scroggs