A Better Wrench

About Us

In 1983, Max Scroggs opened A Better Wrench in a three bay shop in Carrboro, NC. His mother suggested the name because the "A" would put him first in the phone book. The shop opened with only one other mechanic and as the clientele grew more mechanics were hired and additional parking areas rented.

Our New Shop

By 1990, it was evident that the workload had out grown the current location, and a search began to find a new location. Because of specific town ordinances and the need for a large facility the search took several years. Construction began on a new building which was completed in 1996. New Years day 1997 was the official opening of the new shop!

Today, A Better Wrench is the "go to" place for Mercedes-Benz service in Chapel Hill. If you ask the owner Max Scroggs what his business plan is, he will likely tell you "I am about the car". You might wonder what that means but -- its all about VALUE. Max believes in the products that he services. He is committed to find and improve his service offerings and will go as far as developing new processes for repair and maintenance. This same initiative is behind his offerings of special products that are unique in the industry while everyone else just offers what is commonly available off the shelf.

"The automobile ownership experience is something that more people should enjoy at a reasonable cost - It's really all about taking care of the cars AND the people that own them" - Max Scroggs.